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Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) is, primarily, a process that alters the responsibility for delivery of what previously was known as probation services. The reforms involve replacing the previous 35 individual Probation Trusts with a single National Probation Service, responsible for the management of high-risk offenders; and 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) responsible for the management of low to medium risk offenders in their Contract Package Area. The CRCs will also have a new responsibility for supervising short-sentence prisoners (those sentenced to less than 12 months in prison) after release.

Nacro has a strategic partnership with Sodexo which means that we help to shape their delivery model and that we deliver services on their behalf in some locations. Nacro is a delivery partner for Sodexo in three Contract Package Areas (CPAs)  – South Yorkshire, Essex and BeNCH.

Nacro’s delivery under TR in Essex is as follows:

  • Completion of Prison BCST2’s and resettlement planning and interventions in HMP Chelmsford and HMP Highpoint.
  • Resettlement interventions include: Accommodation, Education, Training and Employment and Finance Benefit and Debt.
  • Delivery of in custody and through-the-gate mentoring schemes.
  • Delivery of community group work programmes in order to assist with reintegration and resettlement post-release.

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