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Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in line with the Government’s directives, we are working to provide continuing support by phone to those in prison, from the community, until further notice.

Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) is, primarily, a process that alters the responsibility for delivery of what previously was known as probation services. The reforms involve replacing the previous 35 individual Probation Trusts with a single National Probation Service, responsible for the management of high-risk offenders; and 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) responsible for the management of low to medium risk offenders in their Contract Package Area. The CRCs will also have a new responsibility for supervising short-sentence prisoners (those sentenced to less than 12 months in prison) after release.

Nacro has a strategic partnership with Sodexo which means that we help to shape their delivery model and that we deliver services on their behalf in some locations. Nacro is a delivery partner for Sodexo in three Contract Package Areas (CPAs)  – South Yorkshire, Essex and BeNCH.

Nacro’s delivery under TR in Essex is as follows:

  • Completion of Prison BCST2’s and resettlement planning and interventions in HMP Chelmsford and HMP Highpoint.
  • Resettlement interventions include: Accommodation, Education, Training and Employment and Finance Benefit and Debt.
  • Delivery of in custody and through-the-gate mentoring schemes.
  • Delivery of community group work programmes in order to assist with reintegration and resettlement post-release.

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