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Our work in Wales

At Nacro we see people’s futures whatever the past

We believe that everyone deserves a good education, a safe and secure place to live, the right to be heard, and the chance to start again with support from someone on their side.

As an established charity delivering services across Wales, we support people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to get the support they need to build positive futures and independent lives. We tailor our support responding to each individual’s needs.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, working in partnership with others to increase our impact. We work closely with Local Authorities, the Welsh Government and the Wales Probation Service to find solutions to homelessness.

We offer a range of services:

  • Our supported housing gives people a home and tailored support to help them maintain a tenancy and progress towards independent living.
  • Our floating support services help people stay in the homes they are in by providing support to maintain a tenancy and look after a home.
  • Our advice and guidance services help people find somewhere to live or stay in the home they have.

In 2021-2022

  • 321


    were supported into secure accommodation through our resettlement services.

  • 38

    people and families

    were provided with supported accommodation.

  • 86


    were live and supporting both landlords and tenants.

Where we work

Our Wales Community Accommodation Service (CAS-2) provides accommodation and support for people across Wales on bail or released from prison on licence in need of a suitable address.

Read more about CAS-2 in Wales.

We run a range of services including support for those furthest away from securing accommodation by using Housing First principles to secure independent and permanent housing. We also offer floating support to people who require low-level longer-term support to help them to develop the skills to sustain their tenancies. We also offer housing related support as part of the Connecting Carmarthenshire service.

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We provide a range of services including helping people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to secure somewhere to live, and supporting them to develop independent living skills and maintain a home.

We also provide supported housing to people with a history of offending to help them build independent crime-free lives. And we run a Bond Scheme helping people access rental accommodation without a rental deposit.

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We work with homeless people or those at risk of homelessness to identify and secure appropriate accommodation that meets their needs. We also provide homes for people in need of somewhere to live and who need support to help them to keep a stable home. In addition we run a Bond Scheme helping people without a rental deposit.

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Our Doorstep service provides housing-related support to people with substance misuse issues to help them maintain their accommodation and move into independent living.

Read more about Doorstop Flintshire.

We run a range of housing services including floating support for people in their own homes to help them develop independent living skills; supported housing for people with a history of offending, and support for people with substance misuse issues.

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We support people across North Wales leaving prison or on community orders to maintain accommodation, or find new accommodation to prevent homelessness.

Read more about Accommodation Support for People on Probation or in Prison: North Wales.

Our Homelessness Services provide 24-hour and floating support to people homeless and in temporary accommodation to help them stabilise and maintain their accommodation.

Read more about Pembrokeshire Homelessness Services.

Our Housing Support with Camau Nesaf service provides homes for people in need of somewhere to live and who need support to help them to keep a stable home.

Read more about our Housing Support with Camau Nesaf.

The support I have received as been very helpful especially when you hear in prison the stories of not being able to obtain accommodation on release. I've found the support very helpful and it's been nice to know there is someone there to help to give you the right support and advice.
Service user in Wales