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Retaking GCSEs with Nacro Education

We know how important GCSEs are for you to succeed, and we know how challenging it can be if you didn’t achieve the grades you worked hard for.

At Nacro Education, no matter what GCSEs you left school with, we’ll help you achieve the grades you need to move onto college, university, apprenticeships or work. Our supportive and professional tutors will help and guide you through the theory and give you the confidence retake your GCSEs and progress in further levels of study or in your career.


Studying GCSEs at Nacro Education

We take a different approach to teaching. Life at Nacro is different to school, we operate a much more individualised way of working to help you achieve your goals.

Our classes are small and friendly, with experienced teachers who understand the challenges and context learners face on a daily basis. With this in mind we make sure you have the opportunity to learn and work in way that bests suits you, all within a supportive learning environment.

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Check out your nearest Nacro education centre and retake your GCSEs while gaining further skills for your future!

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Resitting your GCSEs

There are numerous reasons why you might be exploring retaking your GCSEs. This might be to pursue a new career opportunity, or to explore higher levels of education. GCSEs provide a foundation for your academic and professional career, and we can support you to achieve your aspirations.


I achieved a grade 3/D in GCSE English and Maths. Do I have to retake?

Yes. If you have a grade 3 or below, or a D or below, then you will need a grade 4 (C grade) to pass and progress on to further levels of study, or employment. We offer functional skills study alternatives for those who do not wish to retake their Maths GCSE, but would like to have more confidence when it comes their numeracy skills.

For some students, we offer the opportunity for you to retake your GCSEs in Maths and/or English while studying a full-time vocational course. Contact your local Nacro Education Centre for more information.


What do I do if I haven’t got the GCSE grades I wanted?

The first thing is not to panic. You have options available to you to ensure you have the tools, resources, and support you need to achieve the grades you need. Our Nacro Education Centres have professional tutors ready to support you throughout your learning journey. Use the contact form below to get in touch.

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