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The Prevention Alliance Stockport


Stockport, UK

What we do

We work alongside people and their families on a one-to-one basis while they make positive changes to improve their wellbeing.

This includes working on some or all of the following:

  • physical health
  • mental wellbeing
  • relationships – including domestic abuse
  • budgeting
  • employment and skills
  • housing
  • sensory support for members of the deaf community.

We take a strengths-based approach, working alongside people to improve their health, wellbeing and independence. By working with people at an early stage, our preventative approach aims to reduce the need for people to access public services.

We encourage people to explore their interests and connect them with other people or groups with shared interests.

We work in partnership with Stockport Support Hub to ensure a seamless pathway for people who need support. The Hub makes referrals to our service, or another relevant service provider, when a person’s/family’s circumstance need more than information and advice:

Dedicated key workers to help people make changes to improve their health and wellbeing and build confidence. Available for people who need more formal short-term support.

Community support helps connect people and their family to informal support, for example, community activities, groups, peer support, learning and volunteering opportunities. We also provide support to develop community activities.

We provide practical support to help people maintain their home environment so they can live safely and independently. This includes specialist support around hoarding.

We provide support for people who care for someone who’d struggle to manage without them because of illness, disability, frailty, a long-term condition (including mental illness or dementia) or addiction. This also includes support for the person who’s being cared for.

We provide support for people affected by domestic abuse, and provide behavioural change support to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

We provide transport for people who may be isolated because they are struggling to get to appointments and social activities and finding it difficult to use public transport.


This service is open to all adults and families living in Stockport.

Partners and funders

How to refer

Referrals can be made through our online form at

You can also call 0161 474 1042. A text option is available for the deaf community on 07539 468 560.