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Ian story from Personal Wellbeing


“Following my sentence my whole world seemed to fall down around me. I’d lost my job, I became incredibly insular, I’d been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I also engaged in substance misuse (in my case alcohol) I felt angry the world was against me.

Joint letter signed on Reform of the IPPs


On Thursday 11th July 2024, Nacro is joining 69 other organisations in signing a letter to the Secretary of State for Justice on the reform of the Imprisonment for Public Protection Sentence (IPPs.)

Nacro Education awarded Ofsted Good in 2024


Nacro Education has just been awarded Ofsted Good. Nacro Education is one of the UK’s largest independent training providers, helping 1700 students and apprentices every year, empowering them to develop the personal and professional skills employers are actively seeking.

Armed Forces Day 2024


This year, to celebrate Armed Forces Day on June 29th, we’re sharing the story of one of our housing tenants from Manchester – who was referred to us and has taken the opportunities he’s been given to make the most of his life after his service.