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Information for landlords

Let Nacro be your new preferred tenant

We are looking for landlords to lease property to Nacro for our contracted housing services which we have with local and central government agencies.

We run a variety of specialist housing services for young people, homeless people, and people either coming out of prison or to stop them going into prison, working closely with them to be able to build back their lives, work towards positive goals and engage with their local communities.

What we’re looking for

We are registered with the Regulator of Social Housing and have extensive supported housing experience.

We’re looking for landlords to meet our accommodation needs under the supervision of several government agencies.

We are looking to partner with landlords who have:

  • Good quality properties we can use as mini housing multiple occupancy properties (HMOs).
  • A small number of properties where we can work with you to adapt them for wheelchair access.
  • One bed self-contained properties converted into small blocks of flats/studios up to a maximum of four units so long as we have the whole block and with no shared external space with adjoining properties, e.g. driveways, gardens.


We are currently looking for properties in the following regions of England:

  • North East
  • North West
  • East of England
  • East Midlands
  • South West England

We are also looking for two-bedroomed houses in Wales:

  • North Wales
  • South Wales

Specific property requirements

  • Two, three, and four bedroomed properties close to amenities, shops, transport routes etc.
  • The minimum bedroom size in shared two, three, and four bedroomed properties is 6.53m2.
  • All shared properties must have a communal living room and dining area.
  • All shared properties must have front and back door exits (or a rear exit leading into a garden area).
  • Shared properties are to be treated as mini houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs). They will have to conform to HMO fire safety standards i.e., fire doors and hardwired interlinked smoke detectors in all bedrooms, communal areas and a heat detector in the kitchen. Our leasing team can work with you to ensure properties meet these standards.
  • Properties must be of a good decorative standard with plain décor in neutral colours. They should have good standard, relatively modern kitchen units, worktops and bathroom suites, preferably less than five years old.

We are happy to work with you to ensure properties meet these standards.

  • In remote areas, villages, or small towns.
  • Within 100m of commercial premises i.e., public houses, licensed premises, betting shops.
  • Within 150m of schools, nurseries, care facilities, day centres or children’s play areas/grounds.
  • On direct travel routes to schools and nurseries e.g., same street/road.
  • On shared land, in a cul-de-sac or any road/street that does not have vehicle access and exit at both ends (no ‘no through roads’).
  • You may be concerned about the above restrictions, however, we can confirm we will not house people who may pose a risk to young and/or vulnerable people.

To avoid any concerns with the people we house, we avoid locations where children and vulnerable people are in abundance or may gather, and we avoid properties that may offer easy access to alcohol or gambling.

All properties must meet the Decent Homes Standards.

We can also only accept properties with the following certifications:

  • An EPC rating minimum C.
  • Valid gas safety certificate.
  • Valid EICR certificate (electrical safety done in the last five years).
  • Asbestos survey (management plan) required if property built pre-2000.
  • Legionella certificate (only if stored water/header tank).

We also expect properties to have:

  •  A good decorative standard with plain décor in neutral colours.
  • A good standard kitchen with relatively modern units and worktops (preferably under five years old).
  • A good standard relatively modern bathroom suite (preferable less than five years old).
  • Floor coverings in good condition. Carpets or wooden flooring acceptable, non-slip flooring is required in bathrooms and kitchens.

We are happy to work with you to ensure properties meet these standards.

All properties should be unfurnished unless there is a separate arrangement in place.

Why become a Nacro landlord?

Your properties are your investment. We know and understand the challenges associated with letting out your properties.

As a Nacro landlord, you can be reassured that all our occupants are supported with their individual needs as well as maintaining and securing the property they live in.

As your tenant, Nacro also guarantees your income, protecting your properties and finances.

  • Comprehensive five year lease agreements with annual increase written in.
  • Regional and local market level rates paid.
  • Guaranteed monthly payments over the entire lease term.
  • Guaranteed income, usually for a period of three to five years with no void time.
  • Annual rental increases (based on CPI capped at 5% per year).
  • No need to pay agent fees to manage your property.
  • We take responsibility for all day-to-day repairs using our own certified contractors.
  • We pay all utility bills and council tax so no worries about rising costs.
  • We undertake dilapidations at the end of the contract ensuring your property is returned in a good condition.

We will be the tenant for your property. We’ll use it to house the people we work with under a ‘license to occupy’ arrangement. This means you do not need to be concerned with managing tenure or tenant related issues.

We undertake, at our own cost, most day-to-day repairs, and any tenant related damage. As a social landlord, we have our in-house property compliance and inspection team, as well as our own repair desk and vetted contractors. Meaning we maintain and handle the day-to-day
queries from our occupants on your behalf.

For areas where you do have an involvement during the lifetime of the lease e.g., structural repairs and certification, we offer a comprehensive support package with a dedicated direct landlord liaison at Nacro. They will address any queries you may have throughout the term of the lease.

Our housing and support teams provide a holistic wraparound service to ensure our occupants feel supported at every step, combining practical support with emotional support.

We will provide our occupants with the necessary skills to maintain a successful tenancy meaning your property is safe and secure.

Having a safe and secure place to live is the foundation that everything else is built upon. It enables people to build stability and independence, access support, get into education or work, play a part in society, and move forward with their lives.

Your property will allow us to support our service users to develop independent living
skills and access our good-tenant courses.

By having trust in Nacro to manage your property and provide support, you’ll help to give people the foundation they need to build positive and independent lives.

What our landlord partners say

We work with a diverse group of individuals and companies who own a wide range of properties, from single-family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings.

We are proud of the partnerships we have formed, and of working with some of the same property owners for many, many years.

But don’t just take our word…

“As a social impact real estate investment group of companies, Vital Homes was only looking to partner with exceptional and regulatory compliant registered providers of social housing. Working closely with Nacro to build a portfolio of high-quality, eco-friendly housing to accommodate its service users has been an absolute delight from working with its property leasing teams to identify suitable property to getting to know its senior leadership team.

We would highly recommend similar prospective investment companies and landlords to partner with Nacro across its various schemes. We could not think of a better place to position our property portfolio.”

“Nacro and I have been working in partnership for almost eight years. The relationship works very well and for me removes the issues and risks presented by privately renting property via ASTs. A relationship with Nacro provides surety and security with no voids in rents and removes the risks presented by the private rental market.

Nacro cover day-to-day maintenance and as a landlord you are also protected from tenants damaging the property as Nacro underwrite these risks for you. Nacro’s team of property professionals are easy to deal with and responsive to queries and provide solutions to any issues that may arise. I am looking forward to continuing my working relationship with Nacro, and continue to benefit from the financial stability and security the relationship provides. I would not hesitate to recommend Nacro to other professional landlords looking to de-risk their investments in property and the rental market.”

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