Nacro has a long and successful history of delivering effective resettlement work with probation trusts in a community setting. We deliver interventions to help reduce reoffending and also work to find constructive and useful community projects for those subject to unpaid work as part of a community punishment. Our overarching aim is to deliver effective resettlement work to help offenders find a place to live and provide them with the support, encouragement and skills they need to cope successfully with life back in the community, including help to access employment, education and training opportunities and manage finance, benefits or debt issues.

Meeting individual needs

In order to ensure that ex-offenders on probation get the most out of our services, we know how important it is to overcome any barriers which may prevent an individual from engaging with our service or from achieving a successful outcome. For example, at Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust’s finance, benefits and debt advice service, Nacro practitioners liaise directly with staff at the women’s approved premises to ensure that women who are in need of debt advice but unable to safely attend routine appointments at a probation office are appropriately referred to the service and offered appointments on site at the approved premises.

Effective joint working

We have many years’ experience of working closely and successfully with probation trusts up and down the country. In Surrey and Sussex for example, we work with all offenders who are subject to probation orders (including community orders, PPT and MAPPA) as well as those required to carry out unpaid work. Our employees are based in the offices of Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust (as in many other probation offices across the country) and a fully integrated part of the delivery of offender management in order to ensure the provision of a seamless and effective service.

Another example of Nacro’s successful delivery in action is its work with Hampshire Probation Trust to deal with offenders on community payback and those who have served less than twelve months in custody and are not subject to any probation supervision/licence conditions on release. Nacro also delivers a Job Deal contract with Cambridgeshire Probation Trust, operating out of probation centres in Cambridge and Huntingdon Probation centres as well as delivering Job Deal services at community service sites and at the Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre.

Successful work with offenders on probation is dependent on effective collaborative working, not just with probation trusts but with many different parties. One example of our successful collaborative approach is our work with the Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust to deliver the REACH programme. Funded by the European Social Fund, the programme – which is led by Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust and delivered by a partnership between probation trusts, charities and social enterprises – works in prisons and communities across the East Midlands providing intensive expert advice and support to offenders to enable them to enter sustainable employment. The REACH programme also provides help with accessing housing, vocational training, mentoring and support and other activities that will enhance employability. Since it began in late 2011, it has helped over 3,000 ex-offenders move towards employment.