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Nacro Accommodation Support for people on probation or in prison: South Yorkshire


South Yorkshire, UK


What we do

This service supports people on probation in their transition from prison and reintegration into community life. The aim is to build independence and resilience enabling them to live independently, and reduce reoffending.

Our service in South Yorkshire supports people to access and maintain suitable accommodation as well as address other issues holding them back.

We provide support to people pre and post-release to get accommodation on release from custody. We have volunteers that can also support and assist people on probation to address any identified issues to prevent barriers to accessing accommodation.

The service offers:

  • support making housing referrals to providers and local housing authorities
  • advice and support to access private rented accommodation
  • support to maintain current accommodation
  • advice on access to mainstream services based on need
  • move on support from CAS-2 and probation approved premises.

The service can be delivered face to face at local probation offices and prisons, virtually, or by telephone.

This service is part of the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) Dynamic Framework, which commissions rehabilitation and resettlement interventions and services across England and Wales.


To be eligible a person must be:

  • a sentenced male adult 18 or over
  • in custody or community on licence or post sentence supervision.

Partners and funders

The service is directly commissioned by MOJ.

How to refer

Referrals are directly from the Probation Service only.