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Nacro Liaison and Diversion Service: Isle of Wight


Newport, Isle of Wight, UK


What we do

The Liaison and Diversion service aims to identify vulnerable people at their earliest point within the criminal justice system. We help them to tackle their health concerns and get to a better place in their life. We aim to divert them away from the criminal justice system, ensure their health issues are being met, and that they can access the correct support services.

Nacro Liaison and Diversion Service: Isle of Wight received 500 referrals in 2022.

After being referred to the service our team will:

  • assess and understand their current needs
  • help people to access other, appropriate support services
  • support people to engage with their first appointments
  • ensure the criminal justice system is aware of any needs they have
  • liaise with other agencies
  • prepare court reports
  • ensure that their vulnerability is taken into account by the police and courts.


To be eligible for this service a person must be in the criminal justice system – from being suspected of an offence right up to being sentenced. We do not work with people once they are sentenced.

We work with people of all ages who are considering to be high-risk. This includes:

  • women
  • young people
  • people with mental health concerns
  • people with learning disabilities
  • ex-service personnel
  • people with complex needs
  • people with unmet health and social care needs.

Partners and funders

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How to refer

Anyone can refer to us, including the police, probation, courts or health and social care professionals. People can also refer themselves.

Call 0300 123 5066 (option 2), or email us.



After this talk I feel a lot more confident to ask for help and understand my mental health.
Service user