Our justice work aims to break the cycle of crime and disadvantage in the community and in prison. We believe that for people who end up in prison it should be the start of something better not a road to nowhere. We work with people at every stage of the criminal justice system from liaison and diversion services at policy custody and court, education in prisons and prison resettlement services.

We work in partnership and take an individualised approach. We operate in 23 prisons, young offender institutions and one secure training centre, offering a wide range of practical support.

An example of our innovative practice is our Greenwich service providing intensive support for people with medium to high mental health needs who have just left prison. Our tailored support helps people secure somewhere to live, get the financial support they are entitled to, get the right healthcare in place including a GP, dentist, mental health and substance misuse support, and rebuild relationships and build a positive support structure. Despite having complex needs and a history of repeat offending our intensive support has meant that of those we worked with:

•   Significant reduction in reoffending

•   95% gain secure accommodation

•   70% abstain from substances

We help people leaving prison who are at risk of homelessness. I find the most rewarding moment of my job is when I can tell someone I have been working with that they will have a home to leave prison to, that they will not have to sleep on the streets or worry about finding a bed each night, that they will have somewhere they can feel safe. I especially find it rewarding when we do not see the person return to custody and hear from the services that they are doing well.

Amy Da Silva

South Yorkshire Justice


Commissioned Resettlement Service

We provide services on behalf the Ministry of Justice, providing accommodation and wellbeing support to people under probation supervision, including housing, employment, and mental health support. Our accommodation services are based in South Yorkshire, East Midlands, West Midlands and North Wales, and our personal wellbeing support services (mental health, family and relationships) are based in Suffolk, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

Bail Accommodation and Support Service

We run the Bail Accommodation and Support Service (BASS) on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, giving support and accommodation in the community to people who do not have a suitable place to live or who need some extra support during the period of their bail, Home Detention Curfew or Intensive Community Order.

Criminal Record Support Service

Every month our helpline provides advice to more than 1,000 people with criminal records, the professionals working with them, and employers regarding access to employment, housing and education. If you need help please visit our online support pages, email us on helpline@nacro.org.uk or call on 0300 123 1999.

We also provide training to employers and organisations about assessing and managing risk in relation to criminal records. Find out about our next session here.