Online training for practitioners

Veterans in the Military/Criminal Justice Systems

Do you support veterans of our Armed Forces community? Are you currently providing services to veterans in the criminal justice system? Confused about how criminal (or military) records impact on their successful transition to the community?

Veterans who have been involved in either the military or criminal justice systems can face significant and complex barriers whilst in either system and (or) in the transition to civilian life. Many are reluctant to disclose their Services career for a variety of reasons, yet having access to specialist and tailored support can be pivotal to their chances of a positive transition and resettlement, and in effect, contribute to a reduction in risk of further offending.

Using real case-studies, this interactive training programme offers insight into the journey of veterans through the different justice systems, the unique experiences and challenges they face and the wide range of support available to them.

Who is it for?

Anybody providing services and support to members of the Armed Forces Community, especially those offering specialist support services to former members of the Armed Forces who are, or have been, in the military or criminal justice systems.


The overarching aim of this programme is to help you feel more confident about supporting veterans in the criminal justice system. We can tailor the course to your specific needs, but a ‘typical’ programme would include:

● Veterans in the criminal justice system

● Veterans experiences, challenges, and needs whilst in the service and criminal justice systems

● Understanding the differences between military and criminal convictions

● The impact of military and/or criminal records on accessing jobs, training and insurance

● How to support veterans with criminal record disclosure, with a specific focus on gaining employment

● Post-Sentence, transition and effective Resettlement

Why choose us?

Your trainer, Benoit Firmin, has extensive experience of working with – and supporting – military veterans in both the criminal and military justice systems. Using his knowledge of the wider barriers faced by this client-group and those supporting them, he has also developed and delivered a range of veterans-focused training and awareness workshops to specialist practitioners, staff in prison and military detention and probation teams in the community.


This programme is currently available as an online workshop. For further information, or to register your interest, please email