If you like the idea of working with your hands or building things, a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) course is an essential first step towards a career in construction. By completing this course, you will prove to employers you have the necessary skills and understanding of health, safety and environment to work on a construction site.

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What will I learn?

You will learn from the official CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test book.

What qualification will I have?

This course will allow you to gain the CSCS Green card. Many employers consider it necessary for all their employees’ to have this card, to prove they have the required skills to work on a construction site.

How do I complete the course?

You will sit a 45 minute multiple choice test that takes place on a touch screen computer. In order to obtain your green card, you must achieve a pass mark of at least 80%

What can I do next?

If you would like a role in construction, it is highly recommended that you complete this course. With your qualification, you can apply for a job in general construction, such as labouring or plastering. Alternatively you can take a related course at a higher level or apply for an apprenticeship in a related work area.