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Phone: 01733 561596
Location: 16 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 2RL

About Nacro Education Peterborough

We want you to be who you want to be. At Nacro Education Peterborough, you can learn in a way that suits you. Our individualised courses provide hands-on vocational qualifications, giving you the skills and experience you need to develop your career.

Through our collaboration with industry, we ensure our courses are crafted to include the latest insight and knowledge, giving you that competitive edge in the job market.

Whether you want to gain the qualifications to proceed onto higher levels of study, or gain the skills to start your career, we will support you to identify your individual learning goal and you get on the path to success.

Courses at Peterborough


Childcare Level 1

If you would like to work with children then our Early Years courses are a great place to start. We will take you through the basics of childcare and show you how to make learning fun, keep children safe and involve them in group activities.

What is a Get Set! course at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre?

Our Get Set! courses at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre accelerate your learning and enable you to identify and make progress towards your aspirations. We combine vocational learning with essential English and mathematics qualifications, enriching experiences and workplace encounters to equip you for career success.
Nacro Education study programme

Our courses are crafted to enable you to:

  • Develop industry-specific skills through hands on vocational courses in areas like childcare, retail, sport, and Work Ready at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre.
  • Improve your English, maths, and digital literacy to strengthen your foundations for work and life*.
  • Participate in a range of work experience and employment related encounters to gain insights into the industries and careers paths that are of interest to you.
  • Gain vital skills for the workplace including communication, problem solving, teamworking, interview practice and CV writing.
  • Participate in a range of activities, opportunities, team collaboration challenges and educational site visits that enable personal development through real experiences.

*GCSE/Functional Skills English and maths are only required if you haven’t already gained a grade 4 or above.


What makes Nacro Education different?

We tailor our teaching to your individual needs. Our courses are taught by experienced, qualified teachers, in a safe, friendly environment for all learners. Small class sizes mean we can provide each learner with the time and attention they deserve to support them throughout their studies.

We also offer learners the opportunity to expand their skills in preparation for further or higher levels of study through enrichment activities as part of our Skills Ready provision. For those wanting to start their career early, our Work Ready provision puts work experience at the heart of programme delivery.

We are England’s largest independent training provider of education and skills to 16–18 year-olds and are rated Good by Ofsted.

Subjects at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre

From vocational courses, to apprenticeships and GCSEs, at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre we offer a range of subjects for you to study. These include:

  • Childcare
  • Retail
  • Sport
  • Work Ready
  • Maths & English GCSE

All our courses are designed with your learning experience in mind. Ensuring you have the skills and confidence to go further and progress in your dream career.

Explore our full range of courses above.

Explore our full range of courses above. Once you have found a course, click the ‘Apply Now’ button to start your application.

You will be directed to our application system where you can apply to study at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre.

If you haven’t applied to us before, you will need to create an account by clicking ‘ Create an Account’ to register your details. You will then be able to complete your application.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an confirmation email, which will include your details and course choice.


If you have any issues with creating an account, or completing your application, you can contact us:

Call: 0207 902 5425

Please note, we’re only able to accept applications via our application system.

Alternative education for students aged 14-16 at Nacro Education Peterborough.

At Nacro Education Peterborough, we have dedicated 14-16 specialist courses which offers a bespoke curriculum to school learners focusing on behaviours, emotional wellbeing, progressions and pathways. Our bespoke programme specialises in behaviour intervention, focusing on consequences & accessing pastoral information, advice and guidance.

We work with a range of partners who provide a range of services, including Safer Schools, YOT, Drug/Alcohol team, exploitation and Prevent teams.  We work alongside schools to support students either reintegrating back into their current school or remain with us to complete their education through to the end of year 11.  We offer tailored options depending on the needs of the student, parents and referring school and offer weekly updates to parents/guardians on the student’s progress.

Who is eligible for this service?

  • Students not attending mainstream school and those in Inclusion units, excluded or at risk of exclusion.
  • Students with learning difficulties, those requiring support and behavioural management.
  • Students with attendance issues.
  • Students with EHCPs.
  • Students in care.

How to refer a student

Referrals can be made via our partnership schools and/or by the local authority. To learn more about Nacro Education’s 14-16 provisions, click here.

I have really bad anxiety, I found it really hard to be near people. Nacro helped me, they started off by having a separate area on my own for tutoring, then they made an area next to the classroom, and now inside it. They always support me, my anxiety is better, I feel included. Nacro never made me feel different or bad, they just had a clear plan that I was happy with.
Nacro Peterborough Education Centre Learner

Life at Nacro Peterborough Education Centre

We are proud of our education community. We want every learner to have the best opportunities and learning experienced available, broadening your skills – both personally and professionally. That’s why we have our Nacro Education Charter, outlining what we provide for you, and what we ask you to bring to our community. You can learn more about what to expect while studying at Nacro Education here.

At Nacro Peterborough Education Centre, we build strong, supportive relationships to help you feel safe, motivated and valued. We offer:

  • Places for local young people to achieve qualifications
  • Alternative provision for 14–16-year-old learners
  • Professional, experienced, and dedicated staff
  • Small class sizes
  • Face-to-face learning, feedback, and support for every learner
  • Career advice and enrichment activities
  • GCSE retakes and functional skills in English and Maths
  • Opportunity for work experience in your chosen industry
  • Financial support and resources to attend courses.

To learn more about life and services we have to offer, see our What to expect at Nacro Education information.

Working closely with the Peterborough community

We work within our community, establishing partnerships and helping bring the local area closer together.

Because of our partnerships, every learner has the chance to take part in valuable work experience and engage with a number of local businesses.

Shining a light on our courses

At Nacro Peterborough Education Centre, we offer additional courses to all of our learners, giving multiple opportunities to expand their CVs. In 2022, we gave our learners the opportunity to take part in an extracurricular activity working with The Howard League of Penal Reform developing a classic board game set in Peterborough.

The learners worked together to brainstorm, plan and design the board game, which was brought to life and even played with at COP26.

“Teachers support learners to produce work that not only meets but often exceeds their level of study.”

Ofsted inspection, June 2024

Find out more what makes Nacro Education a Good provider.
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