Many young people are being let down by the mainstream education system, which can often fail to meet their specific needs. School exclusions are on the rise, with 6,685 young people being permanently excluded in 2015/16. Children with special educational needs account for more than 50% of those exclusions. The knock-on effect is damaging – more than half of people with no qualifications are unemployed, despite wanting to work.

Many of the young people who come to us have had problems at school, or can’t or don’t want to attend their local college. We get them on the path to success.

Our personalised Study Programmes and vocational courses provide young people and adults with the skills they need to move on to further education, training or employment. We partner with employers to ensure our students are enthusiastic, work-ready and reliable.

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Gain the skills that employers want while working, like Abigail did. We offer a range of vocational training and placements to suit your needs.

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