If you would like to care for people, then a job in health or social care can be very rewarding. At Nacro you
can choose to learn about the industry as a whole, or specialise in areas like caring for the elderly, people with
disabilities or people with learning disabilities. You don’t need any qualifications to apply.

Funding and bursaries

Students under 19 will not have to pay fees providing you are legally in the UK. You may be able to access Bursary funding to help you with travel and meals depending on your personal circumstances.

Students aged over 19 may be eligible for free tuition depending on the course you want to study, your existing qualifications and your financial circumstances. This will be discussed at enrolment.

Entry requirements

No entry requirements but it is for those who wish to develop an understanding of health, social care and children and young people’s settings and decide if a career in this sector is right for them.

What will I learn?

You will gain the knowledge, understanding and skills required for employment and career/progression within the Health & Social Care sector. You will learn about topics such as safeguarding, communication, dementia and caring for young people. It will also provide you with the opportunity to develop transferable skills.

Work Experience

You will do at least two weeks of work experience to support your studies, gain experience and potentially develop contacts with future employers. Our team will help you secure a work placement and will provide you with everything required for you to attend your placement.


Some of the modules you will study are:

Understand the Range of Service Provision and Roles within Health and Social Care, Early Years and Childcare
Understand the Principles and Values in Health and Social Care, Early Years and Childcare
Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care
Introductory Awareness of Health and Safety in Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings


You will be required to complete a range of written assignments including booklets and posters. You will also be required to demonstrate some skills whilst being observed by your tutor.

Enrichment Opportunities

There are a variety of enrichment opportunities on offer throughout the year, including trips and external visits.

Career and Progression

Upon completion of your Level 1 you will be able to progress onto a Level 2 Health and Social Care qualification or further study.