Tom has been absent from school since the age of 13 and demonstrates complex social, emotional and behavioural needs.

On being placed in custody, Tom was only able to stay in class for very short periods; he avoided communication with his teachers and although there was some interaction with peers, it was mostly negative. Tom showed a genuine interest for working in the gardens and was placed on the horticulture course.

Since then Tom has become much more at ease when speaking to his teachers, asking for help when needed and discussing his wants and aspirations. He can concentrate for longer periods of time and through the gardening programme has formed positive relationships with
his peers that have led to a reduction in fighting and disruptive behaviour. Tom is now working with his resettlement brokers to gain release on temporary licence so he can work alongside the local council helping to maintain nearby countryside parks. He just sat his GCSE English and maths exams and is a member of the onsite young people council.

Tom was in custody in Medway, a Secure Training Centre providing highly specialised, multidisciplinary assessment and rehabilitation services for 12-18 year olds undergoing periods of detention. Nacro provides education services in the Centre.