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Register of interest

As part of Nacro’s commitment to good practice in corporate governance, we maintain a record of potential conflict of interest, relevant to the work of Nacro. Potential conflicts are also declared at the commencement of meetings and recorded in minutes and can be ‘direct’ (an interest of the individual) or ‘indirect’ (arising from an interest of close family).

Trustees are required to:

Detail information on any transactions involving related parties which potentially require disclosure in the notes to the accounts in accordance with FRS 102 section 33 and the Charities SORP 2015, and identify any other potential conflicts of interest.

The register of interest for Trustees can be found here


Staff are also required to declare their interests and any gifts and/or hospitality. Each April, we update the declarations made by our executive leadership team and senior staff, noting any gifts and/or hospitality received and any other potential conflicts of interest

The register of interest can be found here

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