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Nacro Prevent Policy


Nacro is committed to and has a Statutory duty under Section 26 of the Counterterrorism and Security Act 2015 to provide a secure environment for all our students/service users, where they feel safe and are kept safe from being drawn into terrorism. We recognise that a safe and nurturing environment is a key factor in the successful delivery of high-quality learning and teaching.

Our students, and service users, share the same risk of becoming victims, or perpetrators, of extremism and radicalisation; we will take a whole organisational approach to minimise that risk and to provide effective support to our learners and service users and to act positively to report concerns.

This Policy is in response to the Government’s PREVENT duty and is to be used in conjunction with Nacro’s Young People and Child Protection Policy, and safeguarding adults’ policy and procedures.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Nacro adheres to and implements the legislative requirements of the Counterterrorism and Security Act 2015, to ensure that Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, and Trustees are aware of their responsibilities in recognising, supporting, and protecting people who might be susceptible to extremist views, radicalisation and drawn into terrorism and to act positively to report concerns. The Policy seeks to:

  • Ensure an awareness of Prevent across Nacro
  • Provide a clear framework to structure and inform our response to safeguarding concerns, including a supportive referral process for those who may be susceptible to the messages of extremism.
  • Embed British Values into the curriculum and ways of working.
  • Recognise current practice which contributes to the Prevent agenda Identify areas for improvement.


The Prevent Policy applies to everyone working for or attending a Nacro centre. It confers responsibilities on all trustees, Nacro staff, students, agency staff and volunteers, contractors, including sub-contractors delivering courses, visitors, consultants and those working under self- employed arrangements.

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