By Jack Jordan

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Calling all budding artists!

Nacro is proud to announce the launch of our new portrait competition. We would like you to illustrate the stories of some of the people we have helped.

Our favourite artist will receive a £100 Amazon gift card, with second and third place receiving £50 each!

Submitting your piece

We have included five real-life stories of people who Nacro has helped. Please illustrate one of the five people whose stories we have provided, drawing on imagination. Please provide ‘portrait’ illustrations with the focus on the person rather than illustrating any action, and do not provide likenesses of real people.

Please read the stories, see which one resonates the most, picture in your mind their gender, race, age etc. Create your artistic impression from what you see in your minds eye.

Try to make your images positive but realistic, focusing on the persons’ present and future rather than their past.

You can use whatever medium you like: pencil, pen, paint, pastels, digital, collage, mixed media etc. but to keep the background neutral and plain. Please submit a digital image so if you create something physical please do take a photo of it (advice for how to do that is below).

You can submit as many images as you like.

To enter the art competition, you must submit artwork alongside the application form by emailing a digital image or a digital photograph of your artwork to by 00:59 on 29 July 2022.

Click here to view the stories

Click here for the application form

How to photograph your artwork using a mobile phone

Lighting is very important when taking your photograph.

  • The perfect light would be outside on an overcast day. Do not take your picture in direct sunshine.
  • If it needs to be taken indoors, position it by a window where there is diffused natural light (no direct sunlight) and turn off any lights in the room – do not use a flash.
  • Make sure there are no shadows cast on your artwork.

Lay your artwork flat and level on the ground or floor and stand directly over it to take your shot.

  • Rest your elbows, forearms or wrists if you need to steady any camera-shake or blur. You could use the back of a chair to help you.
  • You should have a good, equal margin of space around your artwork. Hold your camera further back than you think you should from your painting ­- it will help to reduce optical lens distortion (curved edges). We will crop the image to your artwork for you.

Settings on your phone:

  • If you’re using an iPhone or Android phone, go to Settings > Camera Settings and switch ON the ‘GRID’ or ‘GRID LINES’ option.
  • Double check that you are holding your smartphone camera so that the middle of the artwork is parallel with the camera lens.The grid on the viewfinder of your camera will guide you.
  • You will see two crosshairs (iPhone) or two circles (Android) —a yellow one and a white one—if you’re not level with the flat surface, adjust it until you only see one yellow crosshair/circle.
  • If you notice the edges of your artwork are curved, you need to move the phone higher and further away from the artwork.
  • Take a few photos and choose your best one.
  • Double-check for any blur, shake or shadows.

When you send your photograph to us, please choose ‘Actual Size’ or the largest file size in KB – ideally, it should be 1.0MB or over.


Click here for the competition terms and conditions