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Front cover the JusticeExChange briefing document

Nacro Justice ExChange: Work and Wages in Prison


Read the first in a series of briefings that will examine the practical steps that can be taken to support people in contact with the criminal justice system to create better futures.

This briefing looks at work and wages in prison and the impact those can have on people’s ability to turn their lives around on release. It’s particularly important right now because of the cost of living crisis.

We know that, for many, prison wages are all they have to get by on in prison. Wages are used to buy phone credit to keep in touch with friends and family, to buy the basic things they need, and to save for release.

We want to propose a better, fairer, system that ensures that everyone can work to support themselves both during their time in prison, and on release. We believe it is a false economy to create what is for many an environment of poverty in prison, as it can lead to bullying and violence, and ultimately means that Government has to spend more on the basics for people in prison and on release as they are unable to provide them for themselves.