Barriers to effective resettlement: Friday prison releases is the first in a series of briefings that will spotlight, and put forward solutions, to some of the practical challenges people face when leaving prison. In the context of wider prison and probation reforms, we believe there are some immediate steps which can be taken to improve resettlement and reduce reoffending.

The first day of release from prison is often a race against the clock for people who must access any services they might need before these services close at the end of the day. Over a third of releases happen on a Friday. This high number, combined with the reduced services available on a Friday and over the weekend, can leave people not being able to get vital medication, having to sleep rough and having to survive on a £46 discharge grant until services reopen on Monday. We know from our experience that these factors can increase the likelihood of reoffending.

We believe there are immediate mechanisms that can be used by the Government and prison governors to prevent this and to get people released earlier in the week to give them a better chance of effective resettlement.

Call for evidence

The Government’s consultation on the future of probation states that they are continuing to explore whether Friday releases present practical difficulties.

We need your help to end Friday prison releases. Do you have further examples of the impact of Friday releases? Help us build the case and influence the Government. Please email your evidence to our Policy team.