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#JusticePostCOVID Panel Event


On Thursday 2nd July, 11am-12.30pm, we hosted a remote panel and Q+A event, hearing from key figures in criminal justice: Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland MP, Dame Anne Owers DBE (IMB), Kate Davies CBE (NHS England), John-Paul Marks (DWP), Jeremy Hayles (Nacro).

Thanks to attendees and those who submitted questions; it was an insightful and rich day, full of many learnings and much discussion.

A Justice System Fit for the Future: What have we learnt from coronavirus which will help build a fair & effective justice system & give people the best chance a second chance?

COVID-19 continues to significantly impact the most vulnerable in our society, including those in custody and those being released from prison. With prisons in lockdown; the Early Release Scheme releasing fewer than 100 additional people; and probation and resettlement support being delivered in completely new ways, it is crucial we understand the impact and what lessons we should be learning now, so we can improve our justice system for the future and give people the best chance at a second chance. As a charity delivering support in prison and in the community we have seen and heard firsthand the very real impact of the lockdown and the critical need for support for people leaving prison, including having somewhere safe to stay and access to financial and health support. The Ministry of Justice plays a critical role in this but with responsibility for vital support also held by other Government departments, a truly cross-governmental approach is needed.

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