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Applying for jobs and volunteering

There is no reason you can’t have a successful career and a job you love with a criminal record. However, there are some roles and industries that have restrictions. We have created our guides to support those individuals looking for advice and guidance on what to disclose for the different roles and sectors that you might be applying to.

Find some advice on disclosure below:

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Challenging wrongful dismissal

Peter, a care home manager, was suddenly dismissed from his role by his local county council for gross misconduct, without the two months severance payment he was entitled to, even though his manager described his work with the young people in his care as ‘exemplary’.

The council’s grounds for the dismissal was that Peter had failed to disclose an historic sexual abuse allegation, despite the police dismissing the case at the time and Peter not having to lawfully disclose this allegation.

After an investigation, Nacro was able to ascertain the facts of the case and supported Peter in an employment tribunal. The county council agreed to settle out of court and award Peter his severance pay.

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