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Paying rent or service charge

If you are living in Nacro housing, you are responsible for paying rent and any service charge each week.

Housing benefits

If you are not working, housing benefit will cover a large part of your rent and service charge. This will be paid directly to us. Your support worker or staff team will support you to apply for Housing Benefit, working out a realistic budget and discussing your rent account with you.

If your Housing Benefit only covers part of your rent, you can arrange to pay the difference by another method that best suits you.

You can use our Benefit calculator to find out how much you’ll be entitled to.

Ways to pay your rent or service charge

There are many ways to pay your rent or service charge. We’ll work with you to find the best way for you. We have a variety of ways available that make it easy for you to pay your rent:

Make a payment online

You can pay your rent online on our secure Allpay website. When you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a payment screen where you can put in your tenant reference number, or the number on your payment card or barcode.

You’ll then need to put in your information and enter how much you want to pay. Once your payment has gone through, you’ll see confirmation on the screen.

Pay online

Make a payment in-person

When you move into Nacro housing you will be given an Allpay payment card. You can use this to pay your rent or service charge at any post office, supermarket, newsagent or convenience store where you see the PayPoint symbol. It’s free and you can pay as much or little and as often as you like by cash, debit card or cheque.

Just remember to keep your receipts safe.

Find your nearest PayPoint outlet.

Setting up a standing order

Complete a standing order form and the money will be automatically taken from your bank account once a week, fortnight or month. Ask your housing support worker how to do this if you’re not sure.


If you find it difficult to remember how much to pay we can help.

We can send you a secure website link to your email or phone, to our online Allpay payment system.

If you click on the link you’ll see what you’ve agreed to pay. All you have to do is agree the amount, add your bank details, and approve the payment.

Once your payment has gone through, you’ll see confirmation on the screen.
If you would like more details, please speak to one of our staff and they can organise a link to be sent to you.

Are you struggling to pay?

If you are experiencing any difficulties with paying your rent, please let your housing support worker or staff team know as soon as possible so they can help you.

If you miss rent payments, we will work with you to find solutions. We can agree a way for you to clear the debt by paying a realistic amount within a reasonable period of time.

While every effort will be made to avoid you losing your home, if you do not keep to your rent agreement and do not engage with us we may need to take legal action which could result in you losing your home.

We offer a range of support and advice on managing your finances, explore our information on managing your money and help with your bills.