Every day Nacro helps thousands of people build the independence and resilience to look forward towards what’s next.

Practical help – We provide services in criminal justice, housing, health and education and help people navigate the systems to access them. We also work collaboratively between services and with other providers to ensure tailored support to meet our service users’ specific needs.

Emotional support and advice – Our practical provision is successful because our approach is one of personalised, individual support for service users and their families. Nacro staff are allies of the people we help, standing by their side and never giving up.

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Campaigning, policy and research – We know that our success is often achieved despite the systems we are working within,  so we use our front-line experience, combined with sound research, to campaign for policy and systems change.

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Our impact:

Our success comes from our collaborative working style and our holistic, personalised approach.

•   Almost three quarters (73%) of Nacro tenants successfully moved on to sustainable accommodation after coming to us.

•   After completing one of our courses almost two thirds (72%) of young people go on to work or further education.