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Nacro Ex-Services Personnel – Engagement Service


London, UK

What we do

This service delivers a strength-based inclusive ‘engagement’ service for people on probation who are also ex-service personnel. The aim is to improve relationships with London probation, at an individual and organisational level.

The service uses a whole system approach throughout the sentencing of the individual, starting from the pre-sentence report stage to living a safe and offence-free life in an environment which recognises their needs.

We support ex-armed service personnel to access accommodation, education, training and employment ,and finance including benefits and debt advice. We support their emotional wellbeing, including social inclusion, and working with their family and significant others. Finally we work with them on their lifestyle and associates and dependency and recovery.


To be eligible a person must be:

  • a veteran of the armed forces who has served domestically and internationally.
  • a person on probation
  • identified as ex-service personal while in a custodial environment
  • returning to one of the 18 London Boroughs covered
  • have six months or less on their sentence prior to release.

How to refer

Referrals are made via the Probation Service only.

Lovely, open non-judgemental service, made me feel really comfortable... helpful and you are an easy going guy to talk to, thank you so much.
Service user