Model Memorandum of Understanding – Paid Placement

Appendix: Model Memorandum of Understanding – Paid Placement



This model placement Memorandum of Understanding is designed to cover situations in which an offender undertakes any paid external placement. A separate model Memorandum of Understanding covers unpaid external placements.


  1. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to ensure that all those who are party to it (the Offender, the Placement Provider and the Establishment) are aware of the arrangements under which the placement will take place.
  2. The purpose of the placement is to progress the offender’s rehabilitation and nothing in this Memorandum of Understanding shall create or shall be deemed to create a contract of employment, a contract for services or a partnership between any of the parties hereto, nor any rights or obligations that are legally enforceable.
  3. Nothing in this memorandum should be taken to prevent the Placement Provider separately entering into a written contract of employment with the offender where the contract comes into effect once the offender has been released after serving the custodial element of the sentence.

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