The Offender Health Collaborative (OHC) is a partnership between specialist organisations which has been set up to develop an operating model to meet the needs of all those who are in contact with the criminal justice system with mental health problems and/or a learning disability. It advances and promotes better thinking, practice and outcomes in offender health and criminal justice for the National Liaison and Diversion Development Network (NLDDN). We aim to:

  • develop a sustainable network of existing and new liaison and diversion schemes across England, based on evidence of what works, but allowing for local flexibility
  • support network members in developing and implementing improvement priorities
  • engage with diverse communities and disadvantaged groups
  • host annual and regional events
  • develop an online social network and briefings

The OHC is a working collaboration between six specialist organisations working in criminal justice, health and social care, policy development, research, work force development and training, and project management: