Youth Justice Convention 2016 | Nacro
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Youth Justice Convention 2016


Last week, Nacro’s CEO, Jacob Tas, spoke on a panel discussion at the Annual Youth Justice Convention 2016, which took place in Milton Keynes. Touching on the findings from Beyond Youth Custody’s recently published research about trauma, he highlighted the prevalence of trauma in the backgrounds of young people involved in the justice system, and the need for trauma-informed approaches.

Discussion at the convention was also focused on improving outcomes for young people by listening to their views and acting on them, as well as providing them with opportunities to help shape the services they receive. Dusty Kennedy, Director of Youth Justice Board (YJB) Cymru, spoke about the YJB’s new Participation Strategy, and highlighted the importance of having youth participation at the heart of an effective youth justice system.

Nacro, shares this view and we strive to keep young people’s voices at the heart of our work with young people. Our Beyond Youth Custody team is very happy to visit projects, work flexibly with and be led by the young people themselves.

Please contact Sarah Wilkinson for more information and if you are aware of any young people who would like to be involved.