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When is GCSE Results Day 2024?


GCSE results can get you thinking about your next steps, whether resitting or taking the results you wanted forward. Nacro are here to offer you options. We offer a range of vocational course across England with the ability to take functional maths and English alongside your course. We can also help you resit your GCSEs in order for you to progress to college or into an apprenticeship.

Below we breakdown all those GCSE exam questions you may have or haven’t thought of:

When is GCSE results day?

A: GCSE results day for England, Wales and Northern Ireland is on Thursday 22 August, 2024.

How to appeal GCSE results 2023

A: To request an appeal for your GCSE results, you can contact your current school/education establishment to “request a review”.

Do GCSE grades matter for university?

A: The majority of universities look for at least a level 4/5 at GCSE level, regardless of subject matter.

What are my options if I didn’t get the grades I wanted/needed?

A: The first thing is not to panic or worry – there are always solutions to the problems and we are here to help! You can come and study here with us at Nacro and work towards the grades you need to get onto an apprenticeship or getting into further education or employment after your course.

I got a grade 3 in GCSE English and Maths. Do I have to retake?

A: Yes, if you get a grade 3 then you must re-sit a GCSE if you are on a full-time course. If you have a grade 2 or below then you do not have to study/re-sit a GCSE, but you will have to study functional skills in that subject. If you get a grade 4-9 then you do not need to study that GCSE subject again.

To retake your GCSEs with Nacro Education, please contact your local centre.

Nacro Education Boston learners celebrating GCSE results

Can I resit my GCSEs in November?

A: Yes, you can but this will be sat at the education establishment at which you receive the grade in the summer.

I didn’t get a grade 4 or above in English at school. Does this mean I need to study English Language and Literature again?

A: No, you will only need to study GCSE English Language or functional skills depending on the grade you received.

To enquire about our GCSE courses, please contact your local centre.

Will employers see predicted grades the same way they see exam sat grades?

A: The predicted grades achieved by those that earned their GCSEs during the COVID-19 pandemic will be treated the same as those grades that were achieved by sitting exams from previous years.

I haven’t got any GCSEs, can I still join Nacro?

A: Absolutely! Get in touch with your local centre and we can talk about all of the options we have available to you.

Do I need to wait until I get my GCSE results to apply?

A: No, you can sign up anytime, at any point throughout the year.

What would be different about studying GCSEs at Nacro?

A: Life at Nacro is very different to school, we operate a much more individualised way of working with our learners to help them work towards their goals. Our classes are small and friendly, with experienced teachers who understand the many challenges most young people face on a daily basis. With this in mind we can make sure that every learner has the opportunity to learn and work to a way that best suits them, in a very supportive environment.

To take your next steps with Nacro, please contact your local centre where our friendly team will assist you, or apply online to one of our vocational courses.