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We need your help! Nacro call for evidence on criminal record disclosure


Are you working with someone who has had difficulty finding a job, university place, tenancy or insurance because of their criminal record? We want to be able to tell the real stories of the people we work with to ensure that we influence the Government about the issues that make a difference.
In September 2020, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) published their white paper, ‘A smarter approach to sentencing‘, which proposes shortening how long some convictions have to be disclosed for. This is a really positive step, although it falls short of the need for fundamental reform of what is a really complicated and sometimes unfair system.

We are keen to try to influence Government as far as possible to ensure that the reforms address some of the current issues. It is our belief that there are three key areas where a simple change could make a big difference to people’s lives. We would therefore ask for you to get in touch with us at policy@nacro.org.uk if you or anyone you have worked with has been affected by any of the following:

  1. The lengthy disclosure period for motoring convictions attracting a ban or licence endorsement
  2. The impact of ancillary orders on disclosure periods: incl. restraining orders, disqualifications, forfeiture orders, compensation orders
  3. A child who committed an offence and turned 18 prior to their trial or conviction