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We must address growing homelessness


2022 Q1 data from the Government shows there has been a 15% increase in households threatened with homelessness, including a 142% increase in households who facing homelessness after being evicted as result of the lifting of the ban of evictions during the pandemic.

This is extremely concerning and flies in the face of the Government’s commitments to end rough sleeping by 2024. Nacro is a national charity helping over 30,000 people every year through our housing, criminal justice and education services. We are a social landlord, housing homeless people, people coming out of prison and care leavers across the country.

Homelessness and the criminal justice system

Over half of rough sleepers have been in contact with the criminal justice system, and housing prison leavers must be a priority if we are to tackle homelessness.

Without a home to go to after being released, it is virtually impossible to maintain or start drug rehabilitation, get a job, build back positive relationships, or reintegrate back into and contribute positively to society. Without somewhere to live, we are setting people up to fail.

Making sure people leaving prison have somewhere to live when released is the first step towards a fair chance. The cost of housing people coming out of prison is eclipsed by the financial, social and personal cost of reoffending. It makes practical, financial sense. Ending homelessness is possible.

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Nacro comment

Campbell Robb, Chief Executive of Nacro, said:

“In my years of working with homeless people, I have never been so concerned about what is round the corner. Today’s statistics are a warning shot of what is to come as the cost-of-living crisis takes hold. We are hearing, time and again from our staff that the people they support are struggling to put food on the table, pay bills and are reporting worsening mental health.”

“As the Government focuses on who is next Prime Minister it needs to ensure that it doesn’t take its eye off the ball when it comes to homelessness. We saw what could be achieved on homelessness during the covid crisis and the Gov Everyone-In Scheme, we need that level of urgent action now.”

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