Student Voice Council meeting | Nacro

Student Voice Council meeting: April 2024


The Student Voice Council meeting took place online on the 24th April 2024 with student and staff representatives coming along from across our Education Centres and Totton College.

The meeting was a great opportunity for our students to share what’s going on in their College or Centre, discuss what they have enjoyed about their time at Nacro, what they think can be improved and what their plans are for the future.

We heard about lots of great initiatives from the students and how students and staff are working to make those a reality, including:

  • End of year trips
  • The roll out of recycling bins in every classroom
  • Art competitions and baking competition, including a ‘no-bake bake off’
  • A student-run library of anime books and comics.
  • The creation of a gaming simulator in a car in one of the motor mechanics departments


What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is the education arm of our service user involvement groups. We put the people in our services at the very heart of everything we do. By coming to this forum, students can put forward thoughts and views on our Education Centres. They also provide views on different topics in education, we take their experiences and thoughts and use them to help shape our policy and campaigns work, pushing for change in ways that are meaningful to them.


Student Quotes

When talking about their time at Nacro, students said:

  • “Coming to Nacro has led to progression in my personality. When I first joined I wouldn’t have dared to do this [speak at the Student Council meeting]. I’ve just really enjoyed it, I have no negatives.”
  • “I have enjoyed a plethora of things at Nacro this year – new experiences, new friends and learning new things. I’ve even found that I like to use spreadsheets!”
  • “The staff have been fantastic and really helped us through.”


Get involved

If you would like to participate in service user involvement, or would like any further information on the activities outlined above, you can email us.