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Our first National Learner Voice Forum for 2022/23


The first National Learner Voice Forum took place online on the 8th December 2022. It was a great meeting that had representation from across our Education and Skills Centres and Totton College.

The Learner Voice representatives from each Centre shared what they are enjoying about their time with us so far, and there were also lots of suggestions for what we can do better! We discussed a really broad range of things, including issues around ICT, the need for better recycling facilities, and whether hoodies or t shirts could be provided with the Centre logo on, which would create a sense of identity and belonging, and raise the profile of the Centre. The plans for Nacro football matches were discussed and warmly welcomed by lots of learners!

The Learners also spoke about why they wanted to be involved with Learner Voice, and a number of them said they had gained experience and confidence, and that they appreciated having their voice heard.

What is Learner Voice?

Learner Voice is the education arm of our service user involvement groups. We put the people in our services at the very heart of everything we do. By coming to this forum, learners can put forward thoughts and views on our Education Centres. They also provide views on different topics in education, we take their experiences and thoughts and use them to help shape our policy and campaigns work, pushing for change in ways that are meaningful to them.

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Learner Voice quotes

‘I want to be involved in leaner voice because it is important to see equality and respect here at Nacro’

‘I wish to be a part of the National Student Council because I would like to keep both my centre and Nacro at large to the high standard I have come to know by raising ideas on how to fix potential problems and how to improve students studying at Nacro.’

‘I like coming to Nacro because if you come in sad, they’ll cheer you up’

Get involved

If you would like to participate in service user involvement, or would like any further information on the activities outlined above, you can email us.

Email: communityvoice@nacro.org.uk