Nacro's response to the ‘Voluntary Sector in Transforming Rehabilitation’ report | Nacro

Nacro’s response to the ‘Voluntary Sector in Transforming Rehabilitation’ report


In response to the report, Nacro Chief Executive, Jacob Tas, said:
“This new report provides further evidence to show that the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme is not delivering its original objectives.

“Service delivery charities – from large to small – have long made a huge contribution to supporting rehabilitation and helping individuals and families move on to crime-free lives. Embedded in communities and trusted, experienced in finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to society’s problems and with all services driven by charitable objectives, the voluntary sector has a unique contribution to make. Yet today’s report highlights that charities are not currently involved as much as they would like and, where they are, there are significant concerns about the sustainability of the services, decreases in funding and a focus on volume and admin over the difference they make to people’s lives.

“The government has rightly recognised that the reforms have not delivered as expected, but they must now take urgent steps to improve the system by ensuring the focus is fundamentally on changing lives and reducing reoffending, that funding is sufficient to deliver high quality and effective services and that the voluntary sector is able to play a more substantial role.”