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Nacro’s response to the Ministry of Justice £6 million rough sleeping initiative announcement


In response to the Ministry of Justice £6 million rough sleeping initiative announcement, Nacro Chief Executive, Jacob Tas, said:
“Every month, around 1,000 people are homeless or sleeping rough on release from prison. Plans to introduce accommodation and support pilots for people leaving prison in Pentonville, Bristol and Leeds are a much needed step in the right direction, which we hope will lead to further support being rolled out across the country in future. As a charity providing housing for disadvantaged people we have been calling for action in this area over recent years and are pleased to see this announcement.

“Many people within our prisons have tragic and chaotic backgrounds that led them there in the first place; they are supposed to receive punishment for their crimes and to be equipped with what it will take for them to build a better life when they are released. We know through our own work to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the country that, all too often, people released from prison into our local communities struggle to secure a place to live. In many cases this can lead to repeat offending, further victims of crime and the lost opportunity for someone to turn their lives around.

“To tackle reoffending and help people move away from crime once and for all, we must ensure that everyone leaving prison has somewhere safe and secure to live and the right health, employment and education support in place. We look forward to seeing more detail and working with the Ministry of Justice on these pilots.”