Nacro’s response to the MHCLG consultation on Overcoming the Barriers to Longer Tenancies in the Private Rented Sector


Housing is integral to Nacro’s work and we promote equitable and fair access to housing for everyone. Therefore, within our response to the MHCLG consultation, we highlight the positive impact that these proposals may have, as well as how the proposals could be strengthened to ensure that the private rented sector (PRS) works for disadvantaged and vulnerable people. We also highlight good practice in relation to the PRS from our supported housing projects in Wales. We focus on responding to the questions which are most relevant to our experience and expertise.
In principle, we support the longer tenancy model. Our response covers:

  • incentivising landlords to offer longer term tenancies by analysing and addressing their motivations for offering shorter tenancy agreements.
  • the work of Nacro Homes Agency.
  • our resettlement schemes and supported housing aftercare services.
  • frequency and level of rent increases
  • potential impact on people with protected characteristics

If you wish us to provide an expansion on these responses or have further questions, please contact Rachel Annison or 020 7902 5437.

You can read the response here.