Nacro’s response to the Justice Committee report on Transforming Rehabilitation


In response to the Justice Committee report on Transforming Rehabilitation, Nacro Chief Executive, Jacob Tas, said:
“We welcome the Justice Committee report and the recognition that the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme cannot deliver its original ambition under the current format.

“The report is right to highlight that the voluntary sector is less involved in probation than before the reforms and that this is of “deep concern”.  Service delivery charities – from large to small – have long made a huge contribution to supporting rehabilitation and helping individuals and families move on to lead crime-free lives. Embedded in communities and trusted, experienced in finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to society’s problems and with all services driven by charitable objectives, the voluntary sector has a unique contribution to make.

“We are particularly pleased to see the report highlight the significant challenges people leaving prison face securing somewhere to live.  All too often, Nacro staff see people released from prison struggle to  find a place to live and secure employment, with too many left unemployed and homeless leading to an increased likelihood of reoffending.

“We support the Justice Committee call for a review of Transforming Rehabilitation in order to address these concerns and look forward to the government’s response and are keen to work with government to make the future of probation successful.”