Nacro's Director of Housing speaks at Reform roundtable | Nacro

Nacro’s Director of Housing speaks at Reform roundtable


Last week Joanne Drew, Director of Housing, attended a roundtable, ‘The Future Vision of Affordable Housing’, hosted by Reform. The roundtable, led by Melanie Onn MP, Shadow Minister for Housing, brought together high level policy makers and focused on the need for more affordable homes to be built. In a context of rising homelessness and severe shortages in the social rented sector, it is vital that housing options for vulnerable people are considered. Speaking about this, Joanne Drew said:
“We need to address the challenges that people in vulnerable circumstances, including young people leaving the care system, single people who have been homeless, people who have been through the criminal justice system and families on low incomes, experience when trying to find and sustain a home from which they can build their future. Homes are not just about bricks and mortar but about design of living space, environment and community. Design needs to be connected to the right form of tenure and rent. Nacro is developing thinking into future housing solutions for young people; however, good initiatives need to form part of a more ambitious, national approach to deliver more innovative housing solutions as part of the Affordable Housing Strategy.”