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Nacro response to MoJ statistics on remand


Ministry of Justice and HMPPS have released their quarterly statistics on the criminal justice system, covering topics such as changes in the prison population, reoffending, substance misuse treatment and self-harm in custody. The latter stats were most alarming, showing that self-inflicted deaths had increased since last year – particularly for those held on remand. Our deepest sympathies are with those who’ve lost loved ones in custody.
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Campbell Robb, Nacro Chief Executive, said:
“Today’s figures show the devastating effect being in prison on remand can have on people. Last year saw a dramatic 68% rise in self-inflicted deaths among remand prisoners, despite only a 6% rise in the remand population. These are people held in custody while they await a trial or release. Covid-related backlogs leave more people being kept in remand in dire conditions, trapped in cells for 23 hours a day with little human contact.

One in ten people on remand will be found innocent but are spending unjust time in prison. Remand should only be used where there is a threat to public safety, or a risk of absconding, not as a holding pen. We need to work to quickly resolve cases and offer higher levels of support for those whose lives have been left in limbo on remand.”

A former prison remand officer and Nacro worker who helps those in prison, said:
“For many people, remand sets them up to fail. In many cases being on remand kills people’s mental health; it could be a minor first offence which would be better dealt with in the community. You get kept on remand and go through the trauma of prison which can throw you into a cycle of reoffending or worse. I can’t imagine what it is like for those who are then found innocent, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”