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Nacro response to IMBs’ report on HMP Wandsworth


The Independent Monitoring Boards’ annual report on HMP Wandsworth has been released and reflects poor conditions.

What is Nacro’s response?

Nacro’s chief executive, Campbell Robb, said: “The Independent Monitoring Boards’ annual report on HMP Wandsworth is another alarm bell, if one is needed, warning of the urgent action needed to tackle the crisis in our prison system.

“Wandsworth is described as dangerously overcrowded with living conditions that are inhumane, with men sharing cramped, Victorian cells designed for one person. When a prison can’t reliably provide the basics such as hot water, heating and clothing for the men, it stands no chance of providing the support, training and education needed to enable people to turn their lives around. Instead, we warehouse people in appalling conditions and expect them to come out as better people.

“Again, we call on all parties to support the creation of a royal commission to establish a cross party set of solutions that will create a justice and prison system that serves the needs of the public, victims and is truly rehabilitative. If we want to create a safer society for us all then continuing as we are isn’t an option.”