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As part of International Women’s Day 2022, we are very excited to be launching our Menopause Guidance for our staff! This collaborative piece of work has been driven by our HR team and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee, to ensure that staff across Nacro are supported with the menopause. Read staff member Katia’s story here about going through early menopause.

Campbell Robb, Chief Executive, said: “I am really pleased that we are able to launch our new Menopause Guidance this week. We must be doing everything we can to support our colleagues who are going through the menopause – much of the content has come directly from our staff. The EDI group have been brilliant at pushing us as an organisation to do more and to do it better and this is another example of that.

Our HR team said: “The Menopause Guidance is a really valuable addition to our health and wellbeing toolkit. As an organisation, 2/3 of our staff are female and roughly 25% are in the age range for whom menopause is a fact of life. For too long, menopause has been an off limit topic and this guidance encourages staff and managers to openly discuss how Nacro can work with and support people going through this natural stage in their lives.”

Andrew Hodges, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, said: “It’s been great working with colleagues from the EDI working group to co-produce Nacro’s first Menopause Guidance. Colleagues from the EDI working group were the driving force behind identifying the requirement for this guidance. Following an all staff consultation, the EDI working group lead the revisions to the content of the guidance in response to the consultation feedback we received. I know many colleagues in Nacro see this a very important issue and I’m very pleased to support the development of these guidelines.”

We hope this guidance will be useful and helpful for colleagues across Nacro going forward.