Nacro Launches its Manifesto 2019

Nacro Launches its Manifesto 2019


On launching our manifesto, Nacro’s Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Caroline Drummond, says:
This election is an opportunity to make real, impactful changes that will help thousands of people build a better future for themselves and the next government needs to commit to reforms that see no one left behind. You can read our full manifesto here.

‘We are facing unprecedented times’ is now, unfortunately, a phrase that is well and truly a part of everyday conversation. Global issues around climate change to local issues around knife crime and county lines – these are major subjects that plague the headlines, often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. But in a society that is ever more complex and challenging, this election presents an opportunity for all of us to steer the direction we want to go in.

For myself and my colleagues at Nacro, the people we work with are at the heart of what we do and this will always drive every aspect of our work. Thinking about what we believe the next parliament should do, both immediately and in the longer term, is centred on our experiences of supporting people to move forward and get where they want to be. We believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed and the best chance at a second chance when things go wrong.

We see the challenges that people face every day: lack of a safe and stable place to live, limited access to health support and the barriers in place when someone leaves prison without the essentials. That’s why we’re putting forward clear, themed sets of asks for the next parliament. We believe in a chance for everyone. This means:

  • Treating children as children
  • Treating prisoners as people
  • Responding to vulnerability and responding to disproportionality
  • A pledge to rehabilitate everyone leaving prison

Specifically, in their first 100 days, we are calling on the next government to:

  1. Implement a Pupil Premium Plus, to provide support for disadvantaged young people post-16 who need more time to catch up with their peers
  2. Increase the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 so children do not get swept into the criminal justice system from which they struggle to escape
  3. Pledge to give every prisoner the essential items they need on release from custody to make sure they have the best chance at a second chance . We know from our work how critical the first few days and weeks of release are.

For all of us at Nacro, the direction is clear. We need the next government to ensure everyone has what they need to thrive and that no one is left behind.  We will continue to advocate on behalf of each and every single one of the people we work with to create a better society where everyone has a chance to get where they want to be.

Please see here to read our full Manifesto and get in touch to support us at