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Nacro Education to pilot A-dapt’s digital interview training with learners


We are pleased to announce we are a funded partner in A-dapt, a new project led by Innovate UK. A-dapt is a start up with an intelligent new video content format called Adaptive-media® that utilises the latest Edge AI and provides a proven technology basis for the project.

Disadvantaged young adults often have low esteem and lack confidence, most in need of positive interventions. By developing a good set of ‘soft skills’ to compliment the ‘hard skills’ they learn with Nacro Education, they can dramatically increase their chances of success.

This project is being piloted in our centres, using innovative digital software uses new software to support students with improving the way they can interview and understand their body language, facial expressions and mannerisms. The learners involved in this get to participate and are recorded in real-time. Psychologists then analyse and playback successful soft skills and behaviours. If it is successful as a pilot, we will benefit from being one of the first partners engaged in this study.