Nacro and Centrepoint call for improved housing options for young people leaving custody


Joint research from Nacro and youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint, call for improved support for young people leaving custody accessing housing.  Published today, research report ‘Have you got anybody you can stay with?’, highlights the multiple barriers young adults face in order to find safe and stable housing upon release from custody.  The report draws upon the experiences of young people, practitioners and Nacro and Centrepoint’s own experiences as organisations supporting young people leaving custody that are at risk of homelessness.
In London alone, over 40% of young adults will reoffend after release from custody. Despite safe and stable housing being a critical factor in helping young people to move on and build crime free futures, many custody leavers face severe challenges in accessing accommodation and financial support, increasing the risk of street or hidden homelessness.

The report urges government to take action to improve housing, financial and social support for young people leaving custody to prevent further reoffending, including use of release on temporary licence (ROTL) to help maintain family relationships and support networks, guaranteeing deposits to secure private rented accommodation where needed and financial support on release including immediate access to Universal Credit.

To read the report in full, click here.