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John, Recovery Near You Case Study


John came to Nacro through Recovery Near You, our substance misuse service in Wolverhampton. He self referred into the service to begin his recovery journey.

John’s story

Growing up I first started drinking at the age of 14. I went through the usual party lifestyle that of course included alcohol and sometimes drugs. As I got older I drank more and more but didn’t really think I had a problem – I was a DJ for a living and it just seemed to come hand in hand.

At 25 I started questioning myself, as I felt it was getting out of hand. I would hide my alcohol so my wife did not know how much I was drinking. This went on for a few years and before I knew it I was in deep; I couldn’t stop, I knew I had a problem but I thought, “What can I do?”

I was overweight, holding my breath in my sleep and my blood glucose and blood pressure were through the roof (I’m a type 1 diabetic). Drugs became a big part of it too and before I knew it I was spending over £300 on a night out on cocaine, on top of my drinks.

Time for change

My Nan died in May 2013 and I decided I wanted to finally do the one last thing for her that she had always wanted me to do, which was stop drinking. I walked into Recovery Near You for help, where I had weekly meetings with my Practitioner, Tony. On October 10 after several attempts to cut down I decided enough was enough and I was quitting for good. I continued to visit Recovery Near You and, after being discharged in January, I was volunteering my time as a Peer Support Worker. I turned to fitness after quitting drink and drugs and my love grew so much that from January 1 this year I started training for a bodybuilding show, for which I raised money for Pancreatic Cancer UK and for Recovery Near You.

On 26 April this year (2022) I stepped on stage as a bodybuilder and achieved my dream. I’m now over 18 months drink and drug free and my health is loads better. It started with a visit to Recovery Near You that changed my life but, above all, I’ve proven that if I can do it anyone can.

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