GCSE results days 2021 | Nacro

GCSE results days 2021


Nacro Education is pleased to report some outstanding achievements by its students this GCSE results day.

This year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades (TAGs), against a national standard and approved and awarded by the exam boards.

Young people had to work very hard this year to manage their learning and progress through the pandemic, supported by our skilled and committed teaching teams. We are so proud!

Josh, 18, Bolton:

Nacro Education learner celebrating GCSE results

Josh re-sat his GCSEs with Nacro Bolton in 2021, achieving a grade 7 in English and a 5 in Maths.

He has type 1 diabetes and through his time in high school he was in and out of hospital four times, struggling with his health. This also affected his mental health and he felt like he didn’t fit in at school, he was quiet and didn’t enjoy going. He eventually left with two grade 3s at GCSE.

But the doctors and nurses that helped Josh when he was ill, inspired him to pursue a career in healthcare. He wants to go on and help people who also have diabetes, so he can work with people like himself to get them back into daily life.

So Josh came to Nacro to study for his GCSE resits and Level 1 Health and Social Care.

Josh said: “I’ve just absolutely loved being at Nacro. The tutors are the reason that I have my grades today and I’ve passed.

“They’ve been so incredible, they help me to understand things and work with me, helping me challenge myself and get into studying.”

Josh wanted to come to Nacro because it was a bit more flexible to help him cope and the small class sizes and quieter environment suited him.

“I was a bit shy when I joined, but it’s been amazing. I had to come because I want to progress and I wanted to get back into education, Nacro made it so easy and I settled in right away.”

“I love education now, I can’t wait to learn more. Now I’ve got my GCSE’s and Level 1, I can go to college, expand my knowledge and work towards my goals.”

Azhri Al Faki, Sandwell:

Nacro Education learner celebrating GCSE results

Azhri obtained grade 7s in his GCSE maths and English today! has done exceptionally well, especially as he only joined the centre after Christmas.  He came to the centre and joined the Work Ready programme as his main focus was getting grade 6s in his GCSES in order to get into college and study A levels in September.

Azhri was a model student from the start, asking for additional tutorials, completing homework and doing intensive online revision at home.  Today he was delighted that his work had paid off and that he had not only reached his goal of grade 6s but had obtained two grade 7’s. Azhri said, “I feel so happy. Nacro was a really good experience for me and I think the teacher assessed grades helped me because I was able to work at my own pace and complete different types of assessment”.

Azhri now plans to progress onto college where he will study A levels and his ultimate goal is to become a pilot.



Kenton, Middlesbrough:

Nacro Education learner celebrating GCSE results

“I’m buzzing with my grade 4 in English! Nacro helped me get my head down. I enjoy studying now and I am excited to be moving onto motor vehicle Level 2 and 3. I couldn’t be prouder of myself, I really want to open my own business in the future and now I’m one step closer!”








Chloe, Longton:

Nacro Education Longton learner celebrating GCSE results


“I’m so pleased with my passes! Nacro has changed my life. Every time I wanted to stop, they pushed me and said they saw my potential. They helped me to see my potential and to grow in confidence. I now have people who believe in me.”

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