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CAS-2: six months on


April marked six months since Nacro launched the Community Accommodation Service – Tier 2 (CAS-2) service for the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

The service provides housing for people who are on bail or released from prison under licence conditions. CAS-2 gives people enhanced support, with longer call hours, and frontline staff trained to support people with a range of needs, including mental health and substance misuse issues.

Since its launch CAS-2 has:

  • Installed external security cameras across all its designated female CAS-2 properties to enhance the sense of safety and security.
  • Provided Wi-Fi and basic smart phones to people in CAS-2 properties, enabling them to access vital services, such as employment, education, GP services, and banking.
  • Provided accessible bedspaces in 50% of probation regions.
  • Helped six employed residents to access the Employed Rent Assistance Scheme which offers support with rental payments while working.

In addition, a further 100 bedspaces (bringing the total number to 750) are in the pipeline to support forecasted demand. And work has started to design and build a digital platform to streamline and enhance the referral process.

What people in CAS-2 properties say

“On leaving prison the help and information given was excellent. I had some issues and the welfare checks were of great comfort… I have found the care and support of great help, otherwise I feel my mental health would have greatly suffered and things could have turned out for the worse.”

“[My support worker] has been kind and supportive over what I ever expected. She has supported me through the most difficult period of my life when my family haven’t been able to. My solicitor has told me she has never seen an organisation support an individual as much as Nacro have me. I will be forever grateful.”

“The service is really good. It gives you somewhere to go when you’ve nowhere else to go. It’s safe, the Wi-Fi really helps you to stay in touch with friends and family. The support is helpful, I know if I need any help I can ask. The house is really nice, it’s like a home.”

“I do feel if I had had support [like this] from the start in October, my situation may not be as complex as it is, as she would have approached things in a more organised manner. I would just like to say [the house manager] is a credit to the team.”

Nacro CEO Campbell Robb said

“CAS-2 is an invaluable service that helps people when they need us most. We are there when they are waiting for trial and we’re there to help them begin rebuilding their life upon release. I’m so proud of the amazing work the CAS-2 team does running this service alongside the MOJ. Every success we have and the feedback from people living in CAS-2 properties is a testament to the skills, dedication and compassion Nacro staff show every single day.”

Why is CAS-2 important?

When people are released from court on bail or from custody on licence, there are strict conditions around their living arrangements. These people also often need extra support due to the mental toll of awaiting trial, or the challenge of reintegrating into society after prison.

This is why CAS-2 is a vital service. We provide support such as helping people into work, mental health support, and a place to live where they can get back on their feet.

Supported housing is the best way to help people who may not initially be capable of managing their own tenancy. We can help provide people with the skills they need to progress in life and move on to their own home.

About CAS-2

CAS-2 provides housing for people who do not have a suitable address for the term of their licence or Bail Order. It replaced the Bail Accommodation and Support Services (BASS) provision. It also offers the support they need to move on to an independent, crime-free future. The service provides accommodation and support to men and women aged 18 and above.

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