Nacro views on Sentencing Council guidelines featured in The Independent and on LBC


Findings from Beyond Youth Custody (BYC), which brings together Nacro and three research and evaluation partners, were featured in an article in The Independent.
The piece reported on the guidelines put forward by the Sentencing Council, which encourage judges to avoid criminalisation of young people, especially those from ethnic minorities, by examining their background in greater detail.

It mentions the findings from BYC which revealed that many young offenders who end up in custody have had “complicated and chaotic lives”. As well as the findings that repeat offenders are statistically very likely to have experienced trauma, abuse, bereavement, grown up in care, been excluded from school, have experienced drug or alcohol dependencies and have mental health problems or personality disorders.

Nacro’s head of Policy and Public Affairs also echoed these points in an interview on the LBC drive time show.