Beyond Youth Custody (BYC) legacy video is now available | Nacro

Beyond Youth Custody (BYC) legacy video is now available


Nacro’s Beyond Youth Custody (BYC) programme ends this month and the team has produced a legacy video. This resource is designed for practitioners, policymakers, researchers and service providers. The video outlines key learnings from the six years of the programme, with a focus on our final publication ‘Now all I care about is my future: supporting the shift’. In the video, Neal Hazel, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Salford University discusses BYC’s framework for effective resettlement including: the importance of thinking about resettlement in terms of a shift in a young person’s identity,  the role of services supporting the shift through the provision of personal support and structural support and the five characteristics of support that BYC’s research shows are crucial to effective resettlement. The video also considers what BYC’s research means for practice from the perspective of Keith Cohen, Lewisham Youth Offending Service (YOS)  and South London Resettlement Consortium Strategic Manager and Andy Newsham, Operational Manager from Lewisham YOS, who have used BYC resources to inform training and practice. Please see below timings for key sections referred to throughout this video.

BYC workstrands 1:33
What the research tells us -4:13
Role of services: supporting the shift 13:48
Personal support 14.02
Structural support 15:27
Five characteristics of support 17:11

1 Constructive 17:24
2 Co-created 17:48
3 Customised 18:08
4 Consistent 18:35
5 Co-ordinated 19:16

What this means for practice 20:15